The perfect day in Capri, what to do and what to eat

The Perfect Day in Capri: From Excursions to Dinner at Angelica

Welcome to the perfect day in Capri! This stunning island offers a magical blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and culinary delights. Whether you’re an adventurous explorer or a relaxed traveler, Capri has something for everyone. Join us as we guide you through a day filled with unforgettable experiences, culminating in a delicious dinner at Angelica Capri, our renowned restaurant.

Morning: Begin the Perfect Day in Capri with a Scenic Hike

Start the perfect day in Capri with an early morning hike to the iconic Faraglioni rocks. These towering rock formations are one of Capri’s most famous landmarks. Begin your hike from the center of Capri town, following the well-marked path that leads you through picturesque landscapes and breathtaking viewpoints.

As you make your way to the Faraglioni, you’ll pass through lush gardens and historic sites. Take a moment to admire the Mediterranean flora and the panoramic views of the sea. The early morning light casts a magical glow over the island, making this hike an ideal start to the perfect day in Capri.

Mid-Morning: Explore the Blue Grotto

No perfect day in Capri would be complete without a visit to the Blue Grotto. After your hike, head to the Marina Grande and board a boat for a short trip to this world-famous sea cave. The Blue Grotto is renowned for its ethereal blue waters, which are illuminated by sunlight passing through an underwater cavity.

Arriving early ensures you avoid the crowds and fully appreciate the serene beauty of this natural wonder. The experience of gliding through the cave’s luminescent waters is truly unforgettable and sets a tranquil tone for the rest of the perfect day in Capri.

Lunch: Savor Local Flavors at a Beachside Cafe

After a morning filled with exploration, it’s time to refuel. For lunch, choose a charming beachside cafe where you can relax and enjoy the flavors of Capri. Opt for a light meal featuring local specialties such as insalata caprese, a refreshing salad of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil, or a seafood platter with freshly caught fish and shellfish.

Dining by the sea, with the sound of waves gently lapping the shore, enhances the experience and adds to the charm of the perfect day in Capri. Take your time, savor each bite, and soak in the island’s laid-back atmosphere.

Late Afternoon: Relax at the Gardens of Augustus

As the afternoon progresses, make your way to the Gardens of Augustus. These beautifully manicured gardens offer a peaceful retreat and some of the best views on the island. Stroll along the paths lined with vibrant flowers and take in the panoramic views of the Faraglioni rocks and the Marina Piccola.

The Gardens of Augustus are a perfect spot to unwind and reflect on the day’s adventures. The serene environment and the stunning scenery encapsulate the essence of the perfect day in Capri.

Early Evening: Sunset at Punta Carena Lighthouse

No perfect day in Capri would be complete without witnessing a spectacular sunset. Head to Punta Carena Lighthouse, located on the southwestern tip of the island. This vantage point offers an unobstructed view of the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors. The tranquil ambiance and the natural beauty of this spot provide a magical conclusion to the day’s explorations. It’s the perfect moment to relax, take in the scenery, and prepare for the culinary delights that await you.

Dinner: Experience Culinary Excellence at Angelica Capri

As night falls, it’s time to indulge in the final highlight of the perfect day in Capri: a sumptuous dinner at Angelica Capri. Located in the heart of Capri town, our restaurant is renowned for its exquisite cuisine and elegant ambiance.

Begin your dining experience with a selection of appetizers that showcase the finest local ingredients. Our insalata caprese, made with fresh tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and fragrant basil, is a must-try. Follow this with a dish of hand-made pasta, stuffed aubergine, lemon tagliolini, beef tartare and tuna tartare…

For the main course, choose from a variety of seafood dishes, such as grilled octopus or sea bass cooked to perfection. Each dish is prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.

Complement your meal with a glass of fine wine from our extensive wine list, featuring local and Italian selections. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to help you choose the perfect pairing for your meal.