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Angelica Capri is an innovative restaurant located in the historic center of Capri, in Via Fuorlovado, just after the fourteenth-century arches of the oldest area of the island, between historical destinations and sartorial brands, is a reality that contains a family tradition of three generations.
Past, present and future: Angelica is the name of the great-grandmother, mother and niece of Alessandro, face and reference of the local, who wanted to pay homage to the women of his life, all in love with Capri and its history.
Women who taught him the principles of good food, always looking for the best quality for its products and respectful of their seasonality.
The enhancement of the territory, the natural cycles of products and the awareness of eating well here are essential values


Over the years, the restaurant now directly followed by the executive chef Tommaso di Iorio ,has become a meeting place of artists, show people ,actors and directors.
The restaurant combines culinary art with visual art with an exhibition of paintings and ceramics by the artists Luca Carrani and Raffaello Rubino.
The direction of the restaurant and followed by the owner 3 generation of restaurateurs chef patissere Alessandro with masters and diplomas at the prestigious Ecole Ducasse.
The restaurant was recently selected by Gambero Rosso and mentioned in several national newspapers and magazines.
The careful attention to detail and the indispensable level of quality, are the foundations of Angelica Capri.
Angelica Capri offers a culinary experience in the historic center of Capri:specialized in fresh handmade pasta, our favourite food and full of health benefits,Angelica offers a rich menu of Mediterranean dishes and full of tradition as the grandmother made many recipes of cakes and fresh pasta.


Our patisserie is exclusively made by our pastry workshop located a few steps from the local where every day they bake Caprese cake and Apple pie and our homemade chocolate.


Alessandro is the owner and general manager of the Angelica Capri project. His experiences in the catering and pastry industry include:

  • Chef patissiere expert diploma superior at the prestigious Ecole Ducasse of Yssingeaux France
  • Chef de service at the Bellevue Palace in Bern and experience at Annables club in London.
  • Experience in hotellerie and hospitality master in food and beverage member and sommelier AIS
  • Master at the Gambero Rosso Academy.

In addition Alessandro has experience with the best Italian pastry chefs like Morandin and Giuseppe Manilia and heโ€™s expert in processing his magical crystallized flowers: small wildflowers collected on Capri and delicately hand-crafted with ancient techniques and recipes to decorate cakes and signature cocktails. These crystallized flowers leave the guest with an indelible memory of the taste of the flower of Capri and the sweetness of the luxury holiday that offers the magical island of Capri always frequented by artists queens and wealthy people but also tourists from all over the world.


The guest must feel like at home and Angelica offers a few places with a terrace overlooking the open road for an experience of fine dining accompanied by music and exclusive events.


Restaurateurs for generations with experience in the Hotel Industry in Switzerland and Europe,they are always attentive to hospitality and to share with the customer the values and the Italian culture of the hotellerie.
The goal is to make the customer feel at home with the best comforts for an unforgettable holiday.Attentive to luxury service as in the best standard hotels.
The restaurant ,located in the historic center of capri, offers banquets and private catering for yachts, villas and luxury jewelers.
Ongoing collaborations are with prestigious hotels such as Hotel Tiberio Palace and boutiques on the island like the eminent jewelry Faraone Mennella.


The restaurant offers a mixology of cocktail experience even at lunch and dinner with the best selection of Tequila in the world as claseazul, a cellar of great Italian red wines such as Gaia Ornellaia tignanello amarone and the best champagne :Dom pe'rignon ,Vuve clicquot ,Louis roederer cristal ,Perrier jouet Armand de Brignac.

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